Lisa Russac McDonough patented inventor of Clip and Hang

My journey to creating the Clip & Hang™ began right in my own home out of pure frustration, trying to find a pair of gloves in the basket I placed in my coat closet for winter gear. Unfortunately, every time someone took their stuff out, they threw the remaining items back in. So, the basket to organize was not very helpful.


If you have ever had to get small children ready for school during those winter months finding the matching pair of favorite mittens could become an emotional moment. But, if little Susie can’t find the match to her Hello Kitty mitten, a breakdown could be imminent.


Some products I found attached mittens or gloves to jackets, but what about the hat and scarf. My trick was to stuff the hats or scarves in the coat sleeves, at home or when we were out. Also, what about drying these items off after playing in the snow.


I wanted something that would hold our gear, not get lost, quickly grab and go, and could hang to dry. My goal was to finally get rid of the basket in the bottom of my closet!
This problem weighed on my subconscious so much that I woke up excited about a dream that manifested a solution one morning. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper to scribble the idea down so I wouldn’t forget.


My research began looking for materials to use and the ideal clips that would hold winter gear. Finally, my sister, Pam, broke out her sewing machine and made my prototypes for testing. I soon discovered my idea had other uses and benefits for use all year round.


Eventually, I hired a patent attorney, held my breath, and prayed I would receive a patent. Finally, that day came, and I was overjoyed!

The next part of my journey is bringing the Clip & Hang™ to you. I hope you find it as helpful as I have to organize many items in your home.